KEEPER: Plans To Bring Adult Entertainment To Mennonite Community Denied – Tennessee Takes a Stand for Family Values

Posted: Nov 27, 2012 10:23 PM EST Updated: Nov 27, 2012 11:03 PM EST

MONTEREY, Tenn.– Members of an Overton County Mennonite community fought back against a proposal to bring adult entertainment to their neighborhood and won.

The Muddy Pond community is home to several Mennonite families.  Residents described it as a quiet, Christian community, and they said they want to keep it that way.

When the owner of the Country Store applied to feature adult-oriented entertainment at the business a few times a week, residents were outraged.  The business is currently a sports-themed bar.

“That kind of immoral lifestyle will just tear families apart,” said Muddy Pond Resident Jonathan Hoover.

“The Bible says that’s an abomination,” said another Resident Robert Hutchison.  “We don’t want drunken perverts around our little ones.”

The owner of the Country Store, Gary Clark is a member of the Muddy Pond community.  He said he was only trying to expand his business with scantily clad waitresses, and won’t feature any nudity. 

However, his application was denied by a committee of Overton County officials.  Officials claimed the establishment is too close to a church and a residence to feature adult-oriented activities.  The decision was a shock to Clark.

“I don’t understand it,” said Clark. “I followed the guidelines, I paid my money, this is what I was told to go by, but that wasn’t the truth.”

“The county will do what’s right,” said County Executive Ron Cyrus. “We’ll comply with state statutes.  That’s what we have to do.”

Opponents from the Muddy Pond community packed into the meeting where the decision was made.  They cheered after the official vote, and said they were relieved.

“I believe that God almighty was with the county officials and persuaded them to do the right thing,” said Hutchison.

Clark said he will try to appeal the decision, and may take legal action.  County officials said the vote is final.


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