FIFTY SHADES OF GREY FAILS SOCIETY: Swedish Man on Trial after Girlfriend Dies in ‘Brutal’ ’50 Shades’ Sex Game

(PHOTO: 50 Shades for Men where they now can learn how to really torture you)

EDITORIAL: I’ve been going crazy about this whole agenda of pimping BDSM in the mainstream ever since they released the books. The fact that media, music and Hollywood are still thrusting it into our lives and Porn Valley is offering tours to’s torture chambers is proof that they want this exact scenario on the books. In some other countries, girls and women may have a chance in their judicial systems. In America, we already know where the democrats stand as we’ve watched them unleash this evil on our entire World.

Here’s a few facts that are headed toward all of us now:

Their agenda is extreme misogyny, legalizing rape, torture, incest and child molestation/rape/porn. They are hardcore porn and sex addicts. Many are hardcore criminals affiliated with organized crime. They believe they should have the right to put their penis wherever they like and abuse anyone they like in the process. It’s reality folks and our current government and judicial systems are handing these rights over to pedophiles, sexual predators and cults on a daily basis now. We are all at risk and it’s going to take all of us to change that!!

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    Pimping Politics@PimpingPolitics

    LADIES: If your date knows you bought 50 Shades of Grey, they can rape and torture you and our judicial system will protect THEM, not you!

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    LADIES: Men are saying when you read Fifty Shades of Grey in public, they think “Slutty and likes it rough”. Is THAT the impression you’re going for? It’s called Sex Slave and it steals YOUR FREEDOM AND SAFETY!!

ANI – Jan 28, 1:45 pm

London, Jan. 28 (ANI): A Swedish man is to stand trial for the killing of his girlfriend in a brutal ‘ Fifty Shades of Grey‘ sado-masochistic style sex game which ended in her death last October.

The 28-year-old German woman, who was tied up with nylon tights and condoms, was beaten 123 times with a wooden blackboard pointer.

Her 31-year-old “master” said that she was a willing “sex slave” in their sado-masochistic games.

But after her death, police discovered her diary in which she had written that “You once said you did not want to see me in real pain. I am subservient but no masochist.”


The man was charged this week in connection with her death.

Police said that the man raised alarm after she stopped breathing during their violent sex session and that he tried to resuscitate her before the ambulance arrived at his home in Umea , northern Sweden.

The victim, who had sustained terrible brain damage as a result of her airways being restricted, was treated for two days in the intensive care ward of a local hospital before her life support machines were switched off.

The woman – an exchange student – arrived in Sweden to meet her “boyfriend” she had befriended during a previous visit and with whom she kept in contact on the internet.

Police also said that the woman had been taking a cocaine substitute and drinking alcohol before the brutal sex session. (ANI)


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