CORRUPT DOJ & DEA: Won’t Discipline DEA Agents Involved in Sex Trafficking

EDITORIAL: Wondering why the Democrats won’t pass the Human Trafficking bill that will help domestic (US) trafficking victims? Because they all participate in sex trafficking. They are ALL either PIMPS or JOHNS. Our nation is being run by organized crime.

Obama has had both PIMPS and HOOKERS in the White House for parties. He opened a brewery on our White House grounds, for God’s sake. Drunk driving, wild parties, renting human beings, pro-LGBT, anti-Christian; it’s more like Hollywood’s ‘Animal House’. than our nation’s capitol. This IS NOT what our government is supposed to be doing and anyone committing these crimes should have to pay the price!

As long as this party is in our White House, our daughters will continue to be their targets.


DEA chief tells House committee she can’t fire agents involved in sex parties

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